Arusha City

Arusha City is a major international diplomatic hub. Also, the city hosts and regards as the de facto capital of the East African Community. Since 1994, the city hosts the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Also, it is a multicultural city with a majority Tanzanian population of different backgrounds. The background bases on indigenous Bantu, Arab-Tanzanian, and Indian-Tanzanian populations. However, there is a plus small White European and white American minority population. Religions of the Arusha population are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu. Moreover, Arusha has its own National Park, which is well known as Arusha National Park.

Apart from the above, Arusha first settled in the 1830s. Therefore, this was by the agro-pastoral Arusha Maasai from the Arusha Chini community, south of Mount Kilimanjaro. The production bases on grains, honey, as well as beer with the pastoral Kisongo Maasai. Also, livestock, produces milk, meat, and skins. However, demand for Arusha’s foodstuffs increases substantially since the 1860s. This comes when the Pangani Valley trade route was extended through Old Moshi, Arusha, and ultimately to western Kenya. Although it was not yet a town, it was a regional center and had a number of urban features.

Despite its proximity to the equator, Arusha’s elevation of 1,400 meters (4,600 ft) on the southern slopes of Mount Meru. Therefore, this keeps temperatures relatively low and alleviates humidity. Cool dry air is prevalent for much of the year. The temperature ranges between 13 and 30 degrees Celsius with an average of around 25 degrees. It has distinct wet and dry seasons and experiences an eastern prevailing wind from the Indian Ocean, a couple of hundred miles east. This is just a little sum-up about Arusha city.