Bagamoyo Town

Bagamoyo Town is a Historical sites and one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites with rich cultural heritage to explore.

This town was once a most important trading port along the East African Coast and a German East Africa Capital. Bagamoyo is home to many ethnic groups, including the Wakwere, Wazaramo and Wazigua. Different cultures including people of Arab descent coexist in Bagamoyo making the town a peaceful and friendly place.

The town of Bagamoyo was one of the most important trading ports on the East African coast. Also,  the penultimate stop of slave and ivory caravans travelling on foot from Lake Tanganyika on their way to Zanzibar. Missionaries active in abolishing the slave trade made Bagamoyo, whose name means ‘bury my heart’ in Kiswahili.

Bagamoyo is a quiet village with a few German colonial buildings still standing. In the past, the town of Bagamoyo one of the most important trading ports on the entire East African coast. Its port was the penultimate stop of slave that travelled on foot from Lake Tanganyika.

Getting there

Bagamoyo is located 75 kms North of Dar-es-salaam, 1-1.5 hours drive. One can catch daily buses commuting between Dar-es-Salaam Mwenge local bus station.