Kilimanjaro Trekking

Kilimanjaro Trekking

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the tallest freestanding mountain on earth. Crowned with an everlasting snow-cap, this majestic mountain can be found inside the Kilimanjaro National Park of Tanzania, at 005.00 degrees south, 036 degrees east, 5895m a.m.s.l

Through this website, ClimbingKilimanjaro hopes to provide prospect climbers with a comprehensive guide that contains accurate and valuable information to increase one’s chance of a successful summit when climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Detailed itineraries, route maps, useful hyperlink, stunning pictures and photography of all the major routes, including the Arrow Glacier, the Lemosho, Machame, Marangu, Mweka (only used for descending), the Rongai (Nalemoru), Shira (predominantly used for evacuation) and Umbwe routes.

Trekking experience DOES make a difference

The main problem of Kilimanjaro trekking is the altitude. the fact that it takes many days to get to the top and the low oxygen levels at height.

People who have climbed mountains before have the advantage that they learned to pace themselves. They learned to judge the demands of such a trek. Also, to adjust their pace so that it allows them to walk for many, many hours.

And they have learned to find a steady rhythm, slowly putting one foot in front of the other, without stopping. However,  If the path gets steeper, your steps get smaller, the rhythm stays the same. So, that pace and rhythm let you cover amazing distances and heights, without even noticing.

Trekkers have also learned that even if the path looks endless, even when you feel you have no energy left. Therefore, keep putting one foot in front of the other, you ALWAYS get to the top. And you ALWAYS have enough left to make just one more little step. We still have a lot to explain but book with us today to experience Kilimanjaro Trekking.