Maasai Eco Boma Lodge

Maasai Eco Boma Lodge

Set in a unique and tranquil landscape, Maasai Eco Boma is the perfect place to relax in nature and recharge your batteries. Use the Boma as a base for excursions and safaris, and consider the added value of being involved in our sustainable development projects.

Your visit to Maasai Eco Boma helps the Maasai retain their heritage in a rapidly changing world. You will leave the Boma enriched by a cultural experience that will stay with you forever. Here are some sustainable development projects you support at Maasai Eco Boma Lodge.

Because Maasai culture is at the heart of Maasai Eco Boma Lodge, your visit benefits the entire local community. All proceeds from your overnight stays and activities contribute directly to our sustainable development projects and meaningful support for the local population. We call these “experiences with impact,” you are most welcome to visit any of our projects during your stay.


Airport: Serena Manyara

Wildlife area: Yes

Best time to visit: Year Around




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Activities at Maasai Eco Boma Lodge

Cultural Activities
Maasai Eco Boma Lodge

The sun's rising and setting, the rugged landscape, and the ever-changing seasons traditionally dictate Maasai life. Your participation in Maasai cultural activities will depend on the time of year you travel and your length of stay at Maasai Eco Boma. However, some of the activities you might participate in include:

A walking adventure in wild Maasailand provides a perspective on the Maasai's centuries-old tribal knowledge. The perfect setting to appreciate nature, the slow pace of the walk, and the interpretive skills of your Maasai guide will open your eyes to a fascinating world.

Learn how the Maasai live in harmony alongside iconic wildlife, learn about medicinal plants, identify animal tracks, and watch for zebra, giraffe, and impala wildlife. These walks bring you close to nature, leaving lasting impressions of an ancient culture and an appreciation for a more straightforward, awe-inspiring way of life.

Visit Sustainable Development Projects

In addition to participating in traditional Maasai cultural activities, you can enjoy tours of the local, sustainable development projects being embraced by the local Maasai villagers to enhance their lives in a rapidly changing world. These include:

  • Nashipay Pre and Primary School
  • Bead by Bead Maasai women's beading cooperative
  • Permaculture and Demonstration Farm
  • Maasai health clinic

Photos Maasai Eco Boma Lodge

Accommodation options at Maasai Eco Boma Lodge

Farm of Dreams Lodge

Farm of Dreams Lodge
Farm of Dreams Lodge


Room types


Maasai Eco Boma consists of a collection of welcoming, private huts traditionally crafted by local Maasai women. For the comfort of our guests, each hut offers solar power, cozy beds with mosquito nets, and ensuite washroom and shower facilities. Each hut is decorated with traditional Maasai artifacts.


Maasai Eco Boma
Maasai Eco Boma



You will enjoy your meals in an outdoor dining area with a firepit where you will be served local Tanzanian dishes made from fresh produce from our permaculture farm. Free private parking and Wi-Fi are available on-site for our guests.

Activities and programs offered at Maasai Eco Boma are culturally rich and exciting. We encourage guests to participate in cultural and adventure activities and visit our sustainable development projects.

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