While the focus of a safari is on the wildlife, choosing the right accommodation is also an essential part of creating an unforgettable experience.We recommend you to consider following parameters while selecting accommodations for each night during your safari. 
Tanzania Safari Accommodations
The Highlands Lodge Ngorongoro

(A) Budget: Accommodations on safari can cost as little as USD 180 per person per night to well over USD 1500 per person per night (not counting vehicle fees/park fees etc). While planning your Tanzania safari, we recommend you to have a rough budget (a wide range is totally fine) in mind for the overall safari tour and then select safari itinerary based on your interests/duration of tour/travel period and then come to the stage of selection of accommodations. This way, you can adjust your safari accommodations to fit the tour within your budget and preferred comfort level.

(B) Location: Our suggestion for most travelers would be, if you have a choice in accommodation selection, prioritise the location of accommodation, over the type of accommodation. By staying at camps/lodges in good location, you can maximise your time in the parks for wildlife viewing.

(C) Type of accommodation: There are several types of Tanzania Safari Accommodations available on a Tanzania safari tour, ranging from budget-friendly basic camping to mid tier and luxury lodges, tented camps, tented lodges. Each type of accommodation offers a unique experience, and choosing the right one depends on your budget, interests, itinerary, and preferred level of comfort.

In this article, we will explore the different types of safari accommodations available in Tanzania, their advantages, and what to expect from each option to help you make an informed decision when planning your Tanzania safari.

1. Mid-range.

Mid-range are comfortable and affordable options for a pleasant stay in Tanzania. You are staying in well-maintained accommodations, providing basic facilities. You will enjoy a clean and comfortable bed along with a private bathroom with hot water.


Tanzania Safari Accommodations
Tanzania Safari Accommodations

2: Luxury.

Luxury accommodations take it up a notch, offering extra comfort and luxury. Here, you can indulge in nature with style and comfort. These accommodations feature comfortable rooms, a private pool, and excellent meals. The staff is always available to cater to your needs and make your stay as comfortable as possible.


luxury tours tanzania and zanzibar
Lemala Nanyukie Lodge

3: Super Luxury.

Our super luxury accommodations offer the ultimate experience in Tanzania. The best of the best! Here, you can immerse yourself in nature with luxury and comfort. You’ll stay in stylish villas with a private pool, enjoy exceptional facilities and services, including a private chef and a personal guide to accompany you throughout Tanzania.


Tanzania Safari Accommodations
Singita Sabora Tented Camp

4.City Hotels.

Along with the four types of accommodations mentioned above that can be found in and around national parks in Tanzania, you can also opt to stay at city-based hotels for some nights depending on your safari itinerary. You will find several hotels in towns and cities close to the parks such as Arusha Town.

However, a major disadvantage of city hotels is that they are not located in the wilderness and do not give you the feeling of being in the middle of nature.

However, you can find some high end lodges  Arusha that are located in the middle of plantations and offer scenic views of farmlands/plantations or forests nearby.

We hope you have a better understanding about various accommodation options you can choose from while on a safari in Tanzania. And as we said at the beginning, for most clients we recommend selecting an itinerary first before looking into accommodations and we believe the location of accommodation (even among those inside/bordering national parks) is more important than the type of accommodation. Let us know which camp or lodge you would like to stay at during your next safari.


Gran Melia Hotel Arusha
Gran Melia Hotel Arusha


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