Jabali Ridge Camp

Jabali Ridge Camp

Ruaha is a landscape of sun-bleached plains, mighty baobabs, and hardy shrubs. It is home to many lions, elephants, buffalo, and even endangered African wild dogs. During the rainy season, visitors can hear the incredible thundering of the Ikuka waterfalls and even witness the Mwagusi beginning to flow after being dry for seven months. The dry season is equally exciting, with opportunities to spot buffalo herds in the riverbed and elephants digging in the sand for water.

What to expect during the year

The best time to view the game in Ruaha is from June to November when it’s hot and dry. The fall rains from November until April transform the landscape, making it perfect for photography and birding. Jabali Ridge closes from mid-March until the end of May when the park is difficult to traverse.


Why travel at this time

The landscape is lush and healthy, and the air is clear of haze, making for excellent photography conditions. Fewer tourists are in the area, and there are plenty of breaks in the rain to explore the park. The migratory birds are in Ruaha now, and elephants have arrived in great numbers.


Camp closed

Jabali Ridge is closed from mid-March until the end of May. In June, the lodge reopened when the park dried up, and the temperature dropped slightly.


Why travel at this time

The vast wilderness shimmers with heat during the dry season. This is the best time to spot animals gathering around the waterholes.


Why travel at this time

October is still a dry month before the November rains relieve the arid land, transforming the grasslands and flooding the rivers. Migratory birds begin to arrive from the Northern Hemisphere, and big herds of elephants move into the newly lush park.


Airport: Closest airstrip: Msembe, 50 minutes drive from camp

Wildlife area: Yes

Best time to visit: June to October




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Activities at Jabali Ridge Camp

Walking safaris

Take a walking safari with one of our experienced guides and local trackers to feel part of the Ruaha landscape. This is an entirely different way to experience the bush. Your senses are much more engaged as you spot tiny but fascinating creatures you’d never see from the vehicle, such as dung beetles, ants, and butterflies. You can also get a thrilling close-up view of kudu and elephants or spot hyena dens amid the kopjes.

Blending into its environment

Jabali Ridge has been carefully designed to blend into its environment, using open spaces and natural materials. Even the existing granite boulders have been incorporated to provide privacy and shade. With just eight suites, the camp feels blissfully exclusive and remote. After a morning game drive and lunch, cool off in the infinity pool with a drink, or head to our spa for a rejuvenating treatment before your afternoon activity. Dinner is served al fresco under a blanket of stars.

A typical day on safari at Jabali Ridge

We head out for a game drive first thing in the morning and again late in the afternoon when it’s more relaxed and the animals are active. Times differ slightly with the seasons. A typical day starts with an early wake-up call and tea or coffee. Head off on your first game drive of the day after breakfast, or have it packed to take with you as a picnic. Arrive back at camp in time to freshen up before sitting down to lunch. You can plan your day with your guide if you have a private vehicle. Mid-afternoon is time for a rest. Read a book, dip in the pool, or visit the spa. Afterward, enjoy afternoon tea and an evening game drive or walk with sundowners. End the day with a drink at the bar and a leisurely dinner under the stars.


Family safaris

We welcome families with children over five years old, with exceptions based on camp occupancy upon inquiry. Jabali Ridge has no programs specifically for kids, and children under 12 should share a tent with an adult. Please ask your agent about hiring a private vehicle to make your family's stay more convenient.

Photographic safari

Jabali Ridge is home to one of our specially modified photographic vehicles. The open vehicle allows keen amateurs and professional photographers to shoot at eye level with wildlife. It has all the gear to ensure award-winning shots, from beanbags and camera rests to 360° swivel seats. Please enquire to ensure the vehicle's availability and confirm any additional fees.

Night drives

A night drive is a unique opportunity to see a different side of Ruaha and spot shy, nocturnal animals and those that prey on them. With the aid of a knowledgeable guide, keep your eyes out for leopards, genets, servals, honey badgers, civets, and African wildcats on the hunt, bushbabies, nightjars, and owls going about their business. Take a moment to gaze up at the breathtaking night sky.


Visit the spa for a relaxing massage after a long flight or a hot day in the bush. We can also arrange treatments in your suite.

Jabali Ridge Camp

Photos Jabali Ridge Camp

Accommodation options at Jabali Ridge Camp

Asanja Ruaha


Room types

Jabali Private House

Jabali Private House is an intimate, exclusive-use property surrounded by lofty, ancient baobab trees. It is perfect for families and friends. It has three bedrooms, a lounge, a dining area, and a private pool that looks out over the dense forest fringes of the bordering Ikuka escarpment.


A dedicated team—including a private chef, guide, and vehicle—means you can spend all day on a game drive, relax at the house around the pool, or savor a long lunch.

Ruaha National Park is known for its healthy herds of elephants and buffalo and its bold lions, which are known to take down giraffes and even elephants. Night drives allow you to spot often-elusive nocturnal creatures while walking safaris, a great way to catch sight of smaller animals and plants or learn how to track them.

  • Calendar

    Open: June to Mid March
    Closed: Mid-March to end of May

  • Airplane

    The closest airstrip is Msembe, 50 minutes drive from camp

  • 1 Families

    Families: children aged five and older



Jabali Private House
Jabali Private House


The eight raised suites at Jabali are expansive and airy with bird-nest thatched roofs and wooden shutters that slide to open the rooms. The beds are king-sized, and en suite bathrooms have flushing toilets and rain showers. On the deck, guests can get comfy on one of the large cushioned benches and relax with a coffee or cold drink, admiring the golden plains and hundred-year-old baobabs.


Jabali Ridge
Jabali Ridge


  • Eight suites
  • En-suite bathrooms
  • Flushing toilets
  • Private outdoor lounges
  • Swimming pool
  • WiFi (in-room)
  • Spa
  • In-room lockable box

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