Namiri Plains Camp

Namiri Plains Camp

Set in a remote location in Tanzania’s’ eastern Serengeti, Namiri Plains offers the ultimate considerable cat safari experience. Previously a cheetah conservation initiative, the area is now a haven for lions, leopards, and serval cats. This is a big cat country.

About Namiri Plains  Camp

Before Namiri Plains was built, these grasslands were closed to tourism for 20 years while the cheetah population was restored and researched. Upon the expiry of the research lease, we were proud to be offered the right to establish the first safari camp in this unchartered corner of the Serengeti. Our safari guides established the road networks, tracked the different prides and families across the plains, and embraced the guardianship of Namiri Plains. This bond and our guides’ knowledge allow them to deliver an unparalleled safari experience.

Game drives track cheetahs across the plains or spy out lions basking atop granite kopjes. At the same time, walking safaris allow for a closer connection to the wilderness and observing details unseen from a vehicle. In camp, relax around the pool while keeping an eye open for game approaching a natural spring across the plains, or schedule a massage to take your relaxation one step further. The information center tracks the fascinating development of this habitat, providing insight into the landscape and wildlife of Namiri Plains.

Location of Namiri Plains

Namiri Plains is positioned along the Ngare Nanyuki River in the eastern Serengeti. The vast grassland plains are primarily open, aside from the occasional acacia tree and the granite kopjes that dot the landscape. The hard calcrete layer beneath the topsoil prevents many trees or shrubs from growing here.

It is one of the few locations in the eastern Serengeti with permanent underground water sources, so game viewing is excellent year-round. The seasonal riverbed and the rich grasslands attract a variety of plains game, creating plenty of opportunities for the high number of big cats that call this area home.

The habitat is perfect for cheetahs, who enjoy the short grass plains and rugged terrain for chasing down their prey. Lions are also very high across this area, frequently striking majestic poses atop the kopjes, much to the delight of wildlife photographers. This truly is a big cat country.

From late October, the migration usually begins to head south, passing through Namiri Plains and engulfing the surrounding area with over a million wildebeest. The journey continues to the fertile short grass plains of the southern Serengeti, accessible from Namiri until late May or early June.


Airport: Closest airstrip: Seronera, 2-hour drive from camp

Location: Serengeti National Park

Wildlife area: Yes

Best time to visit: November to June




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Activities at Namiri Plains Camp

Namiri Plains Camp

A unique camp in a remote location

Entirely rebuilt and refurbished in 2019, Namiri Plains offers stylish and spacious accommodation with sweeping views across the surrounding grasslands. The camp features a relaxing pool, deck, library, and fascinating information center.

The plains around Namiri are vast and unspoiled, mainly thanks to their long-restricted tourism access. Explore by vehicle, on foot, or from the air, or relax in camp with a drink by the pool or under the hands of a skilled masseuse. Whatever your preference, there is plenty on offer at Namiri Plains.

A typical day on safari at Namiri Plains
Serengeti National Park

Start the day early with a wake-up call and tea or coffee delivered to your suite. Early mornings and late afternoons typically offer the best wildlife viewing, as animals tend to be more active during the more excellent hours. Whether you opt for a walking safari or a game drive, these will set off as early as possible. Game drives usually include a picnic breakfast to avoid wasting time in camp. Still, if you're setting out for a walking safari, a light breakfast is generally enjoyed in camp, and something more substantial is available upon return.

Lunch in camp is followed by the opportunity to relax and soak up the pleasures of camp during the day's heat. Cool off in the swimming pool, enjoy a revitalizing spa treatment, or recline on your private veranda with a good book and a cold drink. Refuel with afternoon tea before setting out for an afternoon game drive and sundowners on the open plains. Returning to camp in the early evening, there's a chance to freshen up before drinks around the campfire and a delicious dinner—another perfect day in Namiri.

Game drives
Tanzania Game Drives

There are usually two game drives daily: one first thing in the morning and another in the late afternoon. With our expert guides, who know this area best, track big cats across the plains, over termite mounds, and up the kopjes. In November, the enormous migration herds pass through these plains as they travel south. However, they can still be accessed until June before they begin to mass in the northern Serengeti.

Walking safaris
Walking safaris

One of the most exciting ways to explore the Serengeti is on foot. Stepping down from the vehicle, the more miniature ecosystem so regularly overlooked comes into focus. Termites, ants, butterflies, and dung beetles all play a role in the ecosystem's success, and a walking safari allows the time to appreciate them. Although big game is frequently seen, tracking them on foot from a distance is a different experience compared to trying to get close in a vehicle.

Photographic safaris
Tanzania Photographic Safaris

Namiri Plains is home to one of our specially modified photographic vehicles. The open vehicle allows keen amateurs and professional photographers to shoot at eye level with wildlife. It has all the gear to ensure award-winning shots, from beanbags and camera rests to 360° swivel seats. Please enquire to ensure the vehicle's availability and confirm any additional fees.

Family safaris
Family Safari in Tanzania scaled

At Namiri Plains, we welcome families with children over five and have a family tent that sleeps four (children under 12 must share a tent with an adult). The two Retreats offer a luxurious experience for families seeking exclusivity and a private space to connect.

While the Namiri Plains Camp does not offer specific activities for children, our friendly staff will do their best to entertain all guests. Please ask your agent about hiring a private vehicle for your family’s safari.

Photos Namiri Plains Camp

Accommodation options at Namiri Plains Camp



Set on the wide-open plains of the eastern Serengeti, where the sky seems to meet the earth, Namiri Plains enjoys a remote and exclusive location. With ten stylish tented suites, one family suite, and two luxurious Retreats, your stay here is a seamless indoor/ outdoor living blend.




Room types

  • Luxury Tented Suites
  • Family Tented Suites
  • Standard Tented Rooms
  • Honeymoon Suite
  • Exclusive Safari Villa


  • 11 tents (including 1 family tent)
    2 Retreats
  • En-suite bathrooms
  • Flushing toilets

  • Pool and deck area

  • In-room lockable box

  • 100 % solar power with back-up generator

  • Battery-charging facilities

  • Private spa
  • Information Center

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