Udzungwa Mountains National Park

Udzungwa Mountains National Park

The Udzungwa Mountains National Park is a Tanzanian national park in Morogoro Region. The park has a size of 1,990 km2 (770 miles2). The habitats contained within the national park include tropical rainforest, mountain forest, miombo woodland, grassland, and steppe. There is a vertical height range of 250–2,576 meters (the peak of Lohomero), which incorporates the Udzungwa Mountains part of the Eastern Arc Mountains. There are over 400 bird species, 2,500 plant species (25% of which are endemics), and six primate species. It has the second-largest biodiversity of a national park in Africa.


udzungwa mountains national park
Adzuna Mountains National Park

Welcome to Udzungwa Mountains National Park!

The park is unique because it hosts some of the endemic flora and fauna that cannot be found anywhere on Earth; hence, it is called the “center of endemism.” The pristine vegetation has closed canopy cover, woodland, and moorland at higher altitudes. The park is honored to be the Galapagos of Africa and one of the world’s few remaining.
“biodiversity hotspots.”

Udzungwa is a magnet for hikers, with an excellent network of forest trails that include the popular half-day ramble to
Sanje waterfall, where visitors are attracted to see primates like sanje mangabey and Iringa colobus Monkey, forest
birds, amphibians, reptiles, plants, and much more.


udzungwa mountains national park
Adzuna Mountains National Park

Getting there
By Road: The park can be accessed by road network from Dar es Salaam (380km) or Arusha, Kilimanjaro, and Mbeya.
By Train: The TAZARA railway from Dar Es Salaam to Zambia passes through the local town of Mang’ula and takes you close to the park’s
By Air: Charted flights through nearby two airstrips of Msolwa and Kilombero

The park receives short rains from October to November and heavy rains from mid-March to May. “Dry season (June – September) short
rains start from October to November and thoughtful wet season starts from (November to April) when wildflowers are flourishing
and plentiful of butterflies. For bird watchers, December to February is their best time as most migratory birds are nesting in the park and
easily spotted.”. The maximum temperature is 310C in October, with the minimum temperature of 21 0C in July


  • Waterfalls
    ArSeveralalls, including the famous Sanje waterfall, pplungingters through a misty spray into
    the forested valley below. This waterfall is the highest in Tanzania’s national parks system. Other waterfalls
    include Prince Bernhard, Njokamoni, Mwaya, Sonjo, and Msolwa, spice your visit.


udzungwa mountains national park
Adzuna Mountains National Park

• Reptiles
Several Reptiles and Amphibians with the endemic Udzungwa lizards
(Cnemaspis Udzungwae) and (Phrynobatrachus Udzungwensis)
also, endemic chameleons are available.


Udzungwa Mountains National Park
Udzungwa Mountains National Park

Over 250 species of butterflies, including the endemic Charaxes Lucyae Mwanihanae, Papilio hornimanii Mwanihanae, and Baliochilla
Mwanihanae has been identified, making Udzungwa an ideal place for those wishing to see this paradise butterflies.


udzungwa mountains national park
Adzuna Mountains National Park

Natural Spring
Natural springs on the upper stream of the catchment forest form various permanent rivers (Lofia, Msosa, Mwaya, Mkula, Rumemo, Sonjo, Ruipa) that flow and pour water to the famous
Kilombero Valley. Visiting these springs and listening to water splashing on the rocks leaves a memory to remember.


udzungwa mountains national park
Adzuna Mountains National Park

• Cultural and Historical sites:

Udzungwa Mountains National Park contains more documented cultural and historical sites than any other Tanzanian Park. Within the park, there are several historical and cultural sites that
offer the chance to explore the history of different tribes from the South.

Bird species
The park has 400 different bird species, including migratory and nonmigratory species, with two being endemic to the park
(Udzungwa forest partridge and Rufous-winged sunbird).

udzungwa mountains national park
Adzuna Mountains National Park

Tropical Rainforest:

Universally considered the World’s Wettest Ecosystems lie in the ‘Tropics,’ between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer. Comprehensively characterized
by very high annual rainfall, high average temperatures and humidity, nutritious soil, and high levels of biodiversity (species.
Richness). The forests have a magnificent view of a natural tropical rainforest that hosts approximately 2,500 different plant communities/
species of cultural, ecological, economic, historical, educational, and medicinal values. The forests act as prominent tourist attractions and
are best for hiking when experiencing soundless forest walks surrounded by various flowers, birds, butterflies, frogs, snakes, chameleons,
primates, and beautiful views of the numerous waterfalls that vacationers adore.
‘The consistent sunlight provides the essential energy necessary to power the forest via photosynthesis; Temperatures are
generally moderated by cloud cover and high humidity


udzungwa mountains national park
Adzuna Mountains National Park

Tourism Activities:

Hiking to the waterfalls and forest: Hiking in the forest
while enjoying watching most primates, waterfalls, birds, reptiles, and
amphibians make your day. Hiking is mainly done throughout the
year but is ideal during the dry season.


  • udzungwa mountains national park
    Adzuna Mountains National Park

    Mountain climbing: The park offers a chance of summiting the

    highest peaks of Luhomero and Mwanihana peaks while enjoying
    the scenic view of the lower slopes, together with the farms on the
    Kilombero valley.

• Photographing and Filming: This activity can be done
throughout the year. During short rains, photographic safaris can be
more exciting in the park as it is when wildflowers flourish and there are abundant butterflies. Moreover, most migratory birds can
be seen during this time.




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udzungwa mountains park

Udzungwa National Park

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