Ruaha National Park

Mikumi National Park a Tanzania’s fourth-largest national park. Also the most accessible from Dar es Salaam. With wildlife sightings, it makes an ideal safari destination for those without much time.

Therefore, with the completion of the paves road connecting the park gate with Dar es Salaam. Mikumi Park becomes a hotspot for tourism in Tanzania. Locates between the Uluguru Mountains and the Lumango range. However, Mikumi, the fourth largest national park in Tanzania. The park has a wide variety of wildlife that is easily spotted and is also well acclimatized to game viewing. Its proximity to Dar es Salaam and the amount of wildlife that live within its borders makes Park a popular option for weekend visitors from the city.

Most visitors come to Mikumi National Park aiming to spot the ‘Big Five.  (cheetah, lion, elephant, buffalo, and rhino). Hippo pools provide close access to the mud-loving beasts, and bird-watching along the waterways is particularly rewarding. Mikumi National Park borders the Selous Game Reserve and Udzungwa National Park, and the three locations make a varied and pleasant safari circuit.

Swirls of opaque mist hide the advancing dawn. The first shafts of sun decorate the fluffy grass heads rippling across the plain in a russet halo. A herd of zebras, confident in their camouflage, pose like ballerinas, heads align, and stripes merging in flowing motion. Book now with us