Experience Tanzania Cultural safari, meet the charm of the friendly Tanzanian people first-hand. However, there are several cultural heritage sites throughout the country. But, this is where you can spend from ½ day to a week. Accompany by one of the 120 distinct ethnic groups making up the population.

At the sites, you will encounter natural beauty, including rain forests, big waterfalls, magnificent views, lots of wildlife. Therefore,  your cultural tour will directly support the villages’ desire to become more self-sufficient.

Besides enriching itineraries and adding quality to the tours offered in Tanzania, the cultural tours are generating direct income to the local communities that are being visited, contributing to their development. Thus by visiting the cultural sites the guests would be giving support to community health, water supply, primary education and many other social and economic projects carried out at village level as well as reforestation and protection of environment.

Cultural tours comprise half-day excursions as well as stays for a couple of days. Therefore, join among local people in their home villages and towns.  Moreover, this depends on how much time you have as well as your interest. Also, you can choose to boat. 

Paddle between mangroves. And sail with the fishermen to pristine sandy islands of the Indian Ocean, Lake Nyasa, and Victoria. Also, Meet the “Hadza” hunter-gather remaining communities in Lake Eyasi and Yaeda valleys.  Then, spend part of your holiday with the friendly inhabitants of Tanzania while hiking in the Usambara Mountains. Listen to a traditional healer’s diagnostic methods and obtain the correct remedial prescriptions.