Trip to Zanzibar 2021

Zanzibar Beach

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Travelling Zanzibar has some of the most idyllic, unspoiled and just plain beautiful beaches in the world. Contrarily to most famous beach destinations, Zanzibar still has its traditional allure and a feel of unexplored terrain. It Started in Africa organizes excellent Zanzibar holidays, handling everything for you so that your vacations in this exotic destination are unforgettable.

  • Options for a Zanzibar beach holiday are many, but broadly, the island can be divided into five areas: Nungwi in the north, the east coast, the south-east, the west coast, and a few offshore islands.
    Two or three hours’ drive from Stone Town, the village of Nungwi marks the northernmost tip of Travelling Zanzibar. Surrounded on three sides by turquoise-blue ocean, Nungwi has long been a magnet for visitors seeking paradise. Come for some good diving and beaches, and proximity to a lively village where there’s always a lot going on.
Trip to Zanzibar 2021