Manyara Secret Lodge

Manyara Secret Lodge

What a special place

Manyara Secret Lodge is a spectacular and impressive lodge. It is not overly large but exclusive, with personal attention and exquisite service.

It was the influence of the local people and the environment. You’ll see this The moment you arrive and feel right at home.

Villas with private plunge pools are available for couples who value their privacy, and for families, we have villas where everyone can be together. You can almost smell the adventure; it’s tangible in the air.

The lodge overlooks Lake Manyara National Park, a mere 15 minutes by car, and Tarangire National Park is a 40-minute drive away.

Breathtaking luxury at Lake Manyara

There is a place in Tanzania with stunning views of Lake Manyara. Manyara’s Secret is quite lucky. It is one of the few places where you can see tree-climbing lions now and then. You’ll never forget this, and it certainly will not be missed. In Lake Manyara National Park, elephants abound, and there is a vast diversity and variety of birds. So, if wildlife is your thing, you have found the right place.

Manyara Secret Lodge, an exclusive boutique lodge, offers various activities, from swimming on the terrace, reading a book, or going on a safari. You can shower under the sky or sleep under the “upside-down baobab tree, the n tree of the African plain,” the Baob.” ok, forward to a delicious menu at the end of a beautiful day. Later, you can relax in a bed of supreme luxury. The service is more than exceptional; you decide what and when you want it.

On arrival, your host awaits you; the host will ensure all your needs are met. Your host is your point of contact for all you might need or wish for as long as you reside with us.

At the heart of everything

 The following day, you’ll wake up to a magnificent view of the Savannah.

Tarangire National Park is close to Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Maasai village, and Mto Wa Mbu village. The possibilities are almost endless. You can go mountain biking on the Savannah.

Every month is different…

Nature is full of surprises. This year, the rainy season has been longer than usual, which sets the balance for everything else in Tanzania.

But in general, this is how it goes:




The three months of December, January, and February comprise the Green Season. Everything grows and flourishes; it’s also called the calving season, as all the young are born. A visit during this time holds a high chance of catching a glimpse of a baby giraffe being born. You might see a baby elephant, but you’ve more than a good chance of seeing lion cubs.

This is nature as intended, but remember that the lurking predator belongs here, too.

This is the ideal time for birdwatchers, especially on and around Lake Manyara. It’s hot at this time of year, hovering around 30oC.

Airport: Manyara Airstrip

Wildlife area: Yes

Best time to visit: June to October




Looking for a private safari for your dates?

Contact us. Our team is always here to help.

Activities at Manyara Secret Lodge

The Maasai People
Maasai Village

They're getting close. Not because they are used to people but precisely because they are the opposite. They have no idea that jeeps with people in them are a danger. Cheetahs and lions see our jeeps as a perfect source of what they're always after: 'shadow,' anything to hide from the sun. Zebras, Wildebeests, Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, and so much more for you to enjoy on safari.

Lake Manyara National Park is practically undiscovered, yet it offers so much culture, nature, plant life, wildlife, and birds—water birds by the thousands, flocks of pink flamingos—it is a veritable aviary.

The national park is within 15 minutes of the Lodge at Manyara's Secret. You can leave the Lodge after sunrise and arrive just as the park awakens. The nocturnal animals sleep while others wake, stretch, and look for breakfast.

There is a Maasai Boma very close by. From the Lodge, you can see their daily comings and goings, such as how they bring their livestock to the water. Traditionally, they farm, sell milk, and sell their craftwork along with some traditional medicine.

Of course, you don't have to go on a safari if you don't want to. Real everyday life in Tanzania attracted us to this area, and we would like you to experience this.

You can visit the village of Mto Wa Mbu and explore it under the direction of a guide. You can see how various tribes live together and build their lives. If you go to the local market where we do our daily shopping, you can see the vast amount of produce and items for sale. You get there on a piki piki (a scooter), just like the locals do.

Everything is different in Tanzania, including the way people work. We cooperated closely with local entrepreneurs in constructing our Lodge. We believe in supporting local. Witnesses and we also think businesses contribute to the ad beliefenticity of Manyara's Secret. If you're interested in how people work here, we would happily take you to meet them.

You can also go on a bicycle safari. On mountain bikes, under the direction of a guide, you will discover some extraordinary places very close by.


  • Game Drives and the Big Five
  • Authentic Tanzania
  • Living and working in Tanzania
  • Mountain Biking and Going Hiking

There is so much to do! Next time we’ll definitely stay longer.

Photos Manyara Secret Lodge

Accommodation options at Manyara Secret Lodge

Kitela Lodge


Room types


  • four double rooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • private swimming pool
  • outdoors shower
  • living room, terrace, and fire pit


Manyara Secret Lodge
Manyara Secret Lodge


There are endless captivating possibilities, from high adventure to total relaxation. The team is always ready and waiting to enhance your stay with excellent and unrivaled service.

  • Two, four, six and eight-person villas
  • Each villa has its own plunge or infinity pool
  • Every villa has an outdoor shower
  • You have your host
  • All hotspots in Tanzania are accessible
  • Great atmosphere, ultimate comfort
  • Ecologically and socially responsible

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